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Feeling Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas

Fixing sewing machines is fun. Maybe a little different than Christmas morning thrills with pre-schoolers, but fun nonetheless.

If you already enjoy turning broken and worn things into clean useful creative tools, I congratulate you.

In a sense, every time you complete a service, it is like Christmas. A time to celebrate.

Even if you didn't do the service yourself, having a clean like new sewing machine is a wonderful treasure in itself.

I find it hard to imagine how God feels when He fixes the world. Ugliness He turns to Beauty. Hopelessness He turns to Joyous Expectation. Sorrow He turns to Joy. Emptiness He fills.

Christmas is about God sending His son to fix the world. What could be more thrilling?

My wish for you is that you experience all the blessings, peace, and joy God offers. Merry Christmas.

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