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Fix Sewing Machines Institute

Five day sewing machine training.

Become a certified all brand sewing machine technician. Covers lock stitch and overlock stitch machines.

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Embroidery  Machine  Training
Combo & Multi-Needle

Learn to service and repair single needle and multi-needle embroidery machines. Three-day advanced training for technicians and embroiders.

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Learn Sewing Machine Repair
Through our live-hands-on classes at our

National Training Center in Temple, Texas.
Master all brand sewing machine repair.
See demonstrations close up on large screens.
Learn the principles of sewing machine repair.
Experience hands-on practice.
Learn professional tips and tricks.
Apply learning to real life situations.
Gain confidence for your sewing machine repair business.
Become a p
rofessional technician for a service center.
Train in house technician for a factory or production center.
Pursue an exciting new hobby servicing machines.
Upcoming Fix Sewing Machines Institutes
2022 Classes

February 15-19

March 22-26

May 10-14

June 21-25

July 19-23

September 13-17

October 11-15

November 8-16

December 6-10

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Five Day Institute

Live Hands-on Classes - Limited Class Size

Tuesday -- Saturday


Learning Involves:
Demonstrations, Presentations, Audio-Video,

Guided Step By Step Practice

and Hands-on Application


Instruction Covers:

Mechanical Sewing Machines, Computer Sewing Machines, Sergers, 

Embroidery Machines, Long Arm Quilters, and Industrial Lock-Stitch Machines.

Included Bonus Items:
Field Service Tool Kit ($800)

Online Training & Resource Library ($700)

18 DVD Set Resource Library ($750)

Institute Notebook ($100)

Advanced Technical Support ($500)

Membership In Online Graduates Forum

Certification Diploma

Lunches and Snacks During Training


Five Day Institute Cost

Only $3600


Five Training Days

Day One: Mechanical Sewing Machines.
Day Two: Computerized Machines.
Day Three: Sergers & More.

Day Four: Learn Through Supervised Hands-on Application,

Servicing High End Sewing Machines, 

Long Arm Quilting Machines, High End Combo Machines,

Multi-Needle Embroidery Machines and Industrial Machines.
Day Five: Advanced Techniques,

Servicing a Variety of Machines in our Regional Service Center


We Do Not Support Local Competitors within 100 miles.
Students living within 100 miles will not be accepted for training.

Training Center Information.

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