Discover how you can repair

your own sewing machine.

What if you knew how to maintain, repair, and adjust your own sewing machine?

It is frustrating when your sewing machine does not work properly. Things like tension issues, stitch selection problems, timing concern cause you to lose your desire to sew.

Learn the essentials of sewing machine repair, including bobbin winder, balance wheel brake, needle bar, presser bar, timings, tensions, stitch selectors, and much, much more.

Have the confidence to repair sewing machines and maintain superior performance yourself.

As an added bonus, when you purchase SMR Essentials; you also receive

Seven Steps and Top Ten Sewing Answers.

Sewing Machine Repair

5 Products Available
SMR Essentials,
Secrets Of SMR, ProTraining 1, ProTraining 2 Timings and DIY Combo

Secrets Of SMR COURSE 

The Foundation of Sewing Machine Repair Course. 

Secrets of SMR Course


Learn 10 Essential Sewing Machine Systems.

Master the 10 critical sewing machine adjustments.

 Explore threading, tensions, balance, feed, timing, stitch selection, stitch adjustments, and much, much more.

Understand the 49 Point Full Service Check-Up.

 As an added bonus; When You purchase the

Secrets of Sewing Machine Repair Course
You Get: 
Secrets Of SMR & Secrets Of SMR Workbook, Seven Steps To Peak Performance, SMR Essentials, 7 Strategies For Success, Sewing Machine Repair TNT

Secrets of SMR Course

Secrets of SMR Course

Digital ProTraining 1 Course

Digital ProTraining 1 Course


Pro Training 1 Digital Course

We are now offering a Digital Version of our

Pro Training 1 Course!

Multiple books included: 

Secrets of Sewing, Secrets of SMR, Antique Sewing Machine Repair,

Serger Repair, Embroidery Machine Repair, Business Building, and much more.

Also includes:

4 Gigs of Digital Content and multiple videos that enhance

Pro Training 1 course including:

(Invention of the Sewing Machine, How the Sewing Machine Works,

Anatomy Of A Tune-Up, Repair and Adjust Tensions, Repair and Adjust Timings.)


All of this content can be viewed online and books downloaded to your phone, tablet, computer or another device. 

This course is also available on physical DVDs. Check our Products page for more information.

Learn the Secrets of

Timing Sewing Machines.

Digital ProTraining 2 - Timings

A Course In Timing A Sewing Machine

Learn About Parabola, Needle Bar Timing, Feed Timing, Oscillating Hook Timings, Rotary Hook Timings, Serger Timings, Multi-Needle Machine Timings, Chain Stitch Timings, and Industrial Machine Timings.
Discover How To Find The Right Adjustment Points and Adjust With Confidence.

"ProTraining 2 - Timings"

(269 Page) Textbook, (49 Page) Workbook, And Twelve Videos

Digital ProTraining 2 - Timings

Digital ProTraining 2 - Timings


Now Available on our "Products" Page!

Spiral Bound version of our great books & physical DVDs of our Pro Training 1 & 2

My wife has three old sewing machines that just never worked.  We had them in the shop all the time.  After taking your e-course, I have all three running great. I tried another online course, but yours is the real deal.  Thanks.

Tom McCoy


With the economy sour, I didn't know what to do.  I took the gamble and bought your Pro course.  That was 6 months ago.  Because of your course I now have a great business right out of my garage and I am making as much money now as I was before being laid off. 

Phil Simpson


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