Discover how  your sewing machine works and how to do basic repairs to your machine.


Learn to maintain, repair and adjust your sewing machine yourself.


Save money and time by being able to fix and repair your personal sewing machine.


Enjoy having the knowledge to keep your sewing machine running in tip top shape.

Sewing Machine Repair

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SMR Essentials, Secrets Of SMR, Pro Training 1,
Pro Training 2 Timings

What if you knew how to maintain, repair, and adjust your own sewing machine?

It is frustrating when your sewing machine does not work properly.

Things like tension issues, stitch selection problems, timing concern cause you to lose your desire to sew.

Learn the essentials of sewing machine repair, including bobbin winder, balance wheel brake, needle bar, presser bar, timings, tensions, stitch selectors, and much, much more.

Have the confidence to repair sewing machines and maintain superior performance yourself.

As an added bonus, when you purchase SMR Essentials; you also receive

Seven Steps and Top Ten Sewing Answers.

Sewing Machine Repair Essentials 

The foundation of Sewing Machine Repair.

An Introduction to sewing machine repair.

This course includes the basic foundational knowledge needed to begin sewing machine repair.