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"Experience is the best teacher"


This is especially true when you combine structured training, instructional demonstrations, and supervised hands-on practice.


Our new Apprenticeship program aims to provide graduates of

Fix Sewing Machines Institute with practical sewing machine repair opportunities in our regional service center with practicing technicians.


Over the past few years, several individual graduates have arranged their special apprenticeship opportunities the week following their institute or returned later to strengthen their skills and deepen their understandings. 


Learn the standard practices of a busy service center.  See technicians at work.  

Service machines under supervision. Get help as needed.  

The workday runs from 10:00 AM to 5:00PM. 


Currently, we can accommodate up to 3 participants at a time. 


The cost for the apprenticeship program is $450 per day ($2,000 per week).


To Apply for and schedule your Apprenticeship:  Please fill out and submit the application below. First come/first served.

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