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Industrial Training

Many factories, production companies and service providers depend on

Fix Sewing Machines Institute for expert sewing machine repair training and education.

We convert maintenance personnel to service technicians;

Provide dependable in house resources to keep your company's production moving.  


Production and service centers from all over the country send personnel to our institute for training.

The training program teaches repair principles and techniques as well as service skills.

Train on the most common industrial sewing machines including both lock-stitch or overlock.

We provide extensive training on lockstitch and overlock stitch machines for domestic and industrial machines.   

In some cases, companies have hired us to do customized trainings in their facilities.

Inquire more about our custom training program available for your company.

(3 Days with 3 students $14,000. Each additional student is $4500.)

Please click the button below and fill out our inquiry form.

Custom Trainings

 Our master service technician can provide a customized educational program for your
key maintenance personnel at your on-site location. 

Production facilities may have many of the same machines, specialty equipment, and/or many personnel to train. 

It may be more economical, effective, and efficient  for us 

to come to you for a custom training;

rather than sending employees to our regularly scheduled events. 

By requesting a custom in-house training experience;

you cut down on hotel, airfare/travel time, and per diem.

Saving your company time and money. 

If interested in arranging your own customized training,
please fill out the inquiry form from the button below.



Custom Training Expectations

Sewing Machine Technicians will learn fundamentals, principles, and techniques.

Tips and tricks of field service with checklists, and preventative measures.

and direct application to machines for production.

Graduates Receive
Certificate of Professional Training

1 Year Advanced Technical Support

Full Access to Graduate Technicians Forum

Access To Our Huge Resource Library

(3 Days with 3 students $14,000. Each additional student is $4500.)

The Host company is responsible for all travel expenses.
These are added to the training fees.

Advanced Tool kit is $979.00 per kit one is required.

You can’t fix things correctly unless you have the correct tools.

Advance Payment Required.
Customized to meet your needs.

Required Stipulations:

Basic (not expert) knowledge of machine operation, threading, and use. 

Functional Classroom Setting (Office, quiet training space)

Students must be free to attend without distraction or interruption.

Must have at least one of each machine available for instruction.

A large screen TV,  Field Service Tool Kit


(Covid-CDC Guidelines to be followed.)




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