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Basic Technical Support

When You Purchase Training From Sewing Machines Institute,

you receive sixty days of free basic technical support.

This program provides limited phone, email, and text support
for students working on any of our correspondence programs.

To purchase extended Basic Technical Support, see the catalog.

Advanced Technical Support
Graduates of Sewing Machines Live Institute receive free Advanced Technical Support,

including members only Facebook Support, Direct Phone, Text, Email,

Video Phone, and members only Problem Solver Blog. 

To Purchase Advanced Technical Support, see the catalog.



Which program should I get?

Our instructional program is designed for a variety of needs.  If you intend to work for someone as a sewing machine mechanic, service your own large number of machines, or plan to start your own profitable repair business, the fastest and best training is the Live Institute.  If you cannot travel or prefer to study at home, consider the Correspondence Institute.  If you want to learn sewing machine repair as a hobby, check out the DIY program. 

How can I be sure that I can build a successful repair business?

No one can guarantee success for anyone else, however, there are some things you can do to evaluate your local demand and potential.  1) Make a list of all possible competitors within 75 miles.  2) Contact each one and ask two questions:  How much does it cost for a standard sewing machine service?  _____ How long will it take for me to get my machine back?____  These answers will reveal what people are currently paying, and what the level of demand in your area is.  Service centers should target about a one week turn around.  Shorter times indicates low demand.  Longer times indicates higher demand.  Once you know you market, you can determine if there is space for you. 

How long does it take complete the Correspondence Institute?

Our most aggressive students take a month to six weeks, but there is not time limit on the program.  Some students have dabbled in their studies over more than a year.  How fast you learn depends on your efforts and work reading, watching videos, and servicing sewing machines.  Once workbooks, pictures of machines serviced, and exams on Secrets Of SMR, Antique SMR, Serger Repair, Embroidery Machine Repair, and TIMINGS are completed, our Certification Diploma is awarded the student.  If it happens in a month or a year, learning and success is yours.

What can I do with my sewing machine repair skills?

You may launch your own profitable sewing machine repair business, work for a service center, work in a factory or other business, or maintain your own sewing equipment.

How much money can I make in my sewing machine repair business?

No one can guarantee success for another, but we are committed to helping you achieve your dreams.  Your market area, your marketing, your repair skills, your service, etc. affect your results.  However, the number of machines you actually service and what you charge for those services determine how much you make.  The average mechanic will spend about two hours per machine.  If you service ten machines per week and charge $100 per machine, it will take about twenty hours to earn $1000.  Your results are your results.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, but a practical business plan.



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