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Learn Sewing Machine Repair For All Brands


Learn sewing machine repair at home through our comprehensive training program!


SMR Correspondence Institute consists of three modules:

Pro Training 1, 2, and Resource Collection.  

Pro Training 1

Includes the following courses:  Secrets Of Sewing, Secrets Of Sewing Machine Repair (SMR), Antique SMR, Serger SMR, Embroidery Machine SMR, and Business Building.  Each course consists of textbook, workbook, exam, videos, and loads of related resources.  Students read the textbook, fill out the workbook, complete exam, and service machines for hands-on application, view videos, and explore related resources.  Upon submission of workbooks, exams, and photos of machines serviced a certificate of completion is provided.

Pro Training 2,  "Timings and Adjustments"

Examines all the various parts, systems, types, and assemblies of sewing machines with a focus on identifying all the various adjustments, how to find them, and make those adjustments.  The structure of the course is the same as Pro Training 1.

The Resource Collection

Provides instruction, parts, and service manuals from manufacturers  covering thousands of makes and models.  It also includes a Vacuum Cleaner Pro Training Course. 


Upon completion of full program, a diploma is awarded. 

(Total Cost for Digital Program $699.99)

(see below for details)

Digital Correspondence Institute

Online Training Course Includes: 

Pro Training 1, Pro Training 2, and Resource Collection

This course is designed to take you through the

process of learning to fix a sewing machine.

Start with the basics and theories behind a simple repair, learn to troubleshoot and fix presented issues.

Students will read the text books, watch videos, take photos of sewing machines being worked on and complete exams.

Upon completion and submission of work;

Receive a Diploma of Certification.​

Receive our full Correspondence Course in Digital Format.

Be free to download each video, book, and workbook; or stream from one simple easy to access link.

Physical DVD Sets Available

Also Available

Physical Text Books

Spiral Bound Printed Volumes

Textbooks and other books from the digital version are also available separately.

Note: All print versions are available in digital content.

However, We for those people who have no access to a computer we offer our books in print format. 

Individual Courses

Including Pro Training 1, Pro Training 2 & Resource Manuals

Digital ProTraining 1

Online Training Course

Learn sewing machine diagnosis, maintenance,  and professional servicing.  Disassemble, Clean, Lubricate. Discover how to make repairs and essential adjustments.  Maintain machines for years and revitalize broken ones. Produce thoroughly tested sewing machines functioning like new.  The detailed instructions with full color photos and hours of video guide you to success.

This includes:

 Secrets of Sewing, Secrets of SMR, Antique Sewing Machine Repair, Serger Repair, Embroidery Machine Repair, Business Building, and much more.

Almost 20 gigs of Video Content Including:

Invention of the Sewing Machine, How the Sewing Machine Works, Anatomy Of A Tune Up, Repair and Adjust Tensions, Repair and Adjust Timings.

Pro Training 2: Timings

Online Training Course

Learn what adjustments are needed, how to find the right adjustment point, and how to properly adjust needle bars, hook assemblies, belts, shafts, gears, motors, and more.  Service most makes and models of lock stitch and chain stitch machines.  

View the hours and hours of detailed instructional videos.

Discover the secrets of adjusting 99% of all

sewing machines, sergers, embroidery machines, long arm quilters and even industrial machines.


The digital content includes: 

Timings books, workbooks, and12 Videos

covering the full range of

adjustments on oscillating-hook and rotary-hook systems, lock-stitch, over-lock machines, chain stitch machines, 

multi-needle, and multi-hook systems.

SMR Resource Library

Online Resource Library

The Resource Collection provides instruction, parts, and service manuals from manufacturers covering thousands of makes and models.  

Also includes a Vacuum Cleaner Pro Training Course. 

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