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Another institute student learning

Emily Barnhart, Correspondence Student

Thank you

so much for your

Correspondence Course.

I now can clean out my Viking 190.

I have been able to help  a lot of people by being able to do basic repairs. 

Blessings to you!

Just thought I would tell you that your course has saved
Kleos Children's Community
more than 700 dollars in
sewing machine repairs.

Sewing Machine

Sylvia Webb, 

E-Course Student

Thank you very much for the e-course.   I have learned a lot. In fact, I rebuilt my machine, and it works.  It surprised me.  When I started the machine refused to move at all.  Now it works and I'm proud of myself. 

Sewing Machine

George Michaels, 

E-Book Student

I can't tell you how much I like your great stuff. 
I tried two other eBooks from others online, and was very frustrated.  Where they gave me a few pages and nothing usable, you gave me more than I could have hoped for.  Thank you.  I am studying the Antique book right now and working on an old Singer Treadle.  This is fun.

Phillip Maine,


Ralph Hinderman,

E-Learning Student

"You offer a lot of great advice and suggestions. I started learning your course last year, and it has saved me hundreds of dollars! Thanks for the helpful information!"

Leather workshop

"I was skeptical, but your eBook’s and resources are great.  There are literally thousands of pages of sewing machine repair tips, tricks, and stuff.  I could never have gotten my new job as a Sewing Machine Mechanic without your help.  I love repairing sewing machines in Peg's Sewing Shop."

Another Student Learning

Steven Stump, 


"I was afraid to throw my money away on stuff from the internet. I am so glad I decided to buy your course. I am having so much fun.

I fixed six machines last week in my garage. I made $400.00.

Thank you for all your help!" 

Student in the shop

Charles Barkley, 

Correspondence Student

"I have been a mechanic for several years, but auto mechanics are a dime a dozen.  Now, I am going to be the only Sewing Machine Mechanic in my town.  Thank you for your great correspondence program.  Not only does it explain how to turn what screw,
it reveals why.  Thanks."

Don Wilson,

Correspondence Student

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