Huge Demand. 

Little Competition.

Your Own Profitable Business.

Good Career Track With Service and Production Centers.

Great hobby!

Fix Sewing Machines Institute

In person, hands-on, comprehensive

instruction and support. 

Classes held at Temple, Tx training center.

Correspondence Course

Learn from home with our detailed courses,

videos, and resources.

Receive a certificate for each completed course,

plus a final diploma.

All-brand Sewing Machine Repair

Trainings cover 99% of all sewing machines:

Mechanical, Computerized, Rotary, Oscillating,

Old/New, Long Arm Quilters, Embroidery Machines, 

Overlocks/Sergers, Lock-stitch and Industrials.

Hands-On - Live Trainings

5 days of hands on training.

Classes held at our National Training Center in Temple, Texas

2022 Classes

January 2022


February 2022


March 2022


April 2022


Welcome To
Fix Sewing Machines Institute

Discover practical professional skills and learn the secrets of sewing machine repair. 

We teach All-Brand Sewing Machine Service and Repair.

When you complete your training with us;

 you are ready to service 99% of all sewing machines

regardless of make, model, type, technologies, or age.

The demand is huge!
Think of it: 35,000,000 active sewing machine users live in USA;

90,000,000 machines need annual service;  and

the demand far exceeds available service centers.

Everybody knows about the cheap $99 machines from big box stores

which give you nothing but a box.
Did you know there are millions of new sewing machines

sold every year ranging as high as $25,000 each?

Who is going to maintain these machines?

Why not you?

The average service takes about 2 hours and charges $110.

Do the math.

Manufacturers may sell dealerships for $75,000 or more.

These new dealers receive limited training on that brand and usually only the newest models.

Others may offer limited training on older mechanical machines.
However, we provide comprehensive training covering;

antique, modern, mechanical, computerized, 

home, industrial, sergers (overlocks), long arms, and embroidery machines.

Fix Sewing Machines Institute is here for you. 

Do you love sewing machines?

Do you want to maintain your own machines?

Do you want to work as a mechanic in a factory where sewing equipment is used?

Do you want to work for a sewing machine dealer or other service center?

Do you dream of your own profitable sewing machine repair business?

Whatever your ambitions, we are here for you.

In addition to our Sewing Machine  Repair Institutes,

we offer Do It Yourself resources, and a comprehensive SMR Correspondence Institute.

Sewing Machine repair is in huge demand.

It makes a fantastic hobby,  or

a very profitable business opportunity. 

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