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Huge Demand. 

Little Competition.

Your Own Profitable Business.

Good Career Track With Service and Production Centers.

Great hobby!

Live Training Institutes

Now Available! 

Fix Sewing Machines Institute


Embroidery Machine Institute. 

In-person, hands-on, comprehensive

instruction and support. 

Classes held at Temple, Tx training center.

Correspondence Course

Learn from home with our detailed courses,

videos, and resources.

Receive a certificate for each completed course,

plus a final diploma.

All-brand Sewing Machine Repair

Trainings cover 99% of all sewing machines:

Mechanical, Computerized, Rotary, Oscillating,

Old/New, Long Arm Quilters, Embroidery Machines, 

Overlocks/Sergers, Lock-stitch and Industrials.

Hands-On - Live Trainings

Classes held at our National Training Center in Temple, Texas

Single Needle Sewing Machine

Fix Sewing Machines Institute

Five day sewing machine training.

Become a certified all brand sewing machine technician. Covers lock stitch and overlock stitch machines.

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Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine

Embroidery  Machine  Training
Combo & Multi-Needle

Learn to service and repair single needle and multi-needle embroidery machines. Three-day advanced training for technicians and embroiders.

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