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The Demand Is Huge

In a high tech world, the need for service men and women increases everyday. Someone must keep these machines running. Someone must provide the service, expertise, and support for the user. This is true in every industry from cars to airplanes to home computers and to sewing machines.

Jil replaces the lower shaft in the machine.

In our regional service center, keeping up is a challenge everyday. Sometimes it seems they harder our technicians work -- the farther behind they get. It is common for us to have as many as 700 machines waiting to be serviced.

Imagine a single technician completing ten machines, only to have twelve more come in the door the same day. That is reality almost everywhere.

In your neck of the woods, how many sewing machine technicians are there?

Are they overwhelmed with more machines to service than they can keep up with?

How long do you have to wait to have a sewing machine serviced and back to you?

Ideal turn around is about a week, but most good service centers are backed up a month or more.

Sewing Machine Repair is a great opportunity for a young, middle aged, or even near retired person who enjoys working with their hands and helping users get the most from their machines.

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