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Sewing Bootcamp


 Enter the amazing world of sewing machines. 

Every sewing machine technician needs to understand how to use sewing machines and maximize the sewing experience.   This workshop aims to equip new technicians with essential sewing knowledge and skills.  Master the Diagnostic Test Sew and the Professional Presentation Sew Out. 


Master the fundamentals.  Discover the how-to of mechanical, computerized, and specialty sewing machines.  Understand what causes problems and how to prevent them. Explore the vast opportunities of design, fashion, embellishment, alterations, quilting, home décor, and embroidery.


Come one day early to maximize your entire training.  

Sewing Machine Fundamentals meets the Monday prior to Fix Sewing Machines 5 Day Institute.


If you have never used a sewing machine, you will quickly learn how to wind bobbins, thread, adjust tensions, and select stitches on different sewing machines and sergers. You will learn  essential steps to maximize the sewing experience. You will also discover broad applications for sewing machines.


If you are an occasional sewer, you will rediscover the essentials for maximizing your sewing experiences.  Glimpse your possibilities while strengthening your basic skills.  Master the essential steps to ensure a positive user experience every time you use your sewing machine.


As an active user, revitalize your knowledge and enjoy using different sewing machines.

Discover new possibilities.  Broaden your horizons.  Improve your sewing experiences.


If you are an expert with broad experience in the many genre of sewing;

you may find helpful tips on machine differences as well as refreshing insights into

how to celebrate your vast opportunities.


Workshop:  Monday Pre-Institute

10:00 AM-5:00 PM

Cost: $400


Included with the workshop:

Free Lunch

Digital Sewing Library  
($325 Value)

            Secrets Of Sewing and Workbook, My Sewing Dictionary

            7 Steps to Peak Performance For Your Sewing Machine,

            Top Ten Sewing Answers, SMR Essentials, Quilt Essentials,

What Dress Makes Of Us, Tailoring, Rotary Cutter Guidebook,

School Needlework, Projects Unlimited, Things to Make.

Completed Projects


ONLY $400 To Register


Instructor Donna Trumble


Knowledge comes from experience.

Donna Trumble:

60+ years experience; Educator, Author/Editor; Professional Seamstress, Production Manager, Costume Designer, Store Owner; Sewing Educator;

Mother of 5; Minister's Wife…

David Trumble:

Minister, Educator, Author,

Sewing Machine Technician, Store Owner, Father of five.

Instructor, Dr. David Trumble
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